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Aubin AM Case Study Award

The newly re-branded and updated “Aubin AM Case Study Award” looks to recognize innovative case studies using AM technologies. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding use cases of AM adoption and implementation and to provide inspiration to others in their journey of AM application.

Aubin Award New Requirements and Submission Format

1. Graphical abstract:

A single image (min 300 dpi) representative of your innovative case study of AM technologies. This visual may be used for marketing purposes.

2. Technical Brief:

The purpose of the technical brief is to communicate the details of the case study to both the panel of judges and to those in the community seeking additional information on the use case. Submissions should be focused on the technical analysis of the case study and free of marketing content (*).The panel of judges will evaluate the submitted technical briefs based on the level of technical detail, quality of analysis of the case study, and its perceived usefulness to the AM area of application.

Representative title.

List of contributors to the innovative case study of AM technologies and their affiliation. Include who would sell the final product and who did the design.

Problem definition or need statement – why is your solution needed and disruptive? Describe the challenge your team was facing and/or the design/market opportunity. Explain why it was an important problem to solve and its potential for disruption.

Background perspectives – how does your solution compare to the state of the art? Describe the current approach / existing alternative solutions to this problem, describe how your innovation differs from this state of the art.

Technical overview – Provide details into methodologies and results, deployment and performance analyses, or implementation methodologies and outcomes. Whether its analysis of performance and/or of cost, the submission needs to have an assessment demonstrating the quality of the solution. Include what machine and material was used to print the part and what software was used for design. The part does not need to be in production, but it needs to be printed and at minimum, demonstrates fit, form and function.

Reflections - impact, importance, relevance, and/or benefits to your team’s approach


3. (*) Submissions that are found to be marketing- or sales-focused will be disqualified

Invited Technical Presentation (Finalists):

The finalists and the recipient, selected from the submissions (graphical abstracts and technical briefs), will be asked to present their work at RAPID as Invited Technical Presentations.

When reviewing past winners, please note that the 2021 award has been re-branded to a case study focus

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