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Chengdu Huarui Industrial Co., Ltd offers a complete line of powder materials for many industries application, such as thermal spray(FS, HVOF, APS), hard facing(PTA, laser cladding, TIG, etc.), powder metallurgy(PM,MIM,3D printing.), and other industrial applications in our portfolios of metallic and ceramic materials. With medium-size and comprehensive powder manufacturing equipment and engineering staff engaged in developing innovative powder solutions, we try hard to surpass the demands of our markets. Our broad product line of hard facing materials(FTC, SFTC, MTC, ETC), thermal spray powder (nickel based self-flux alloy powder, cobalt based alloy powder, iron based alloy powder, WC based alloy powder, ceramic powder, compounded powder), titanium powder (CPTi powder, Ti-6Al-4V powder for improving tissue attachment to medical implants), etc., coupled with unparalleled customization capabilities, allows us to meet nearly all of the powder product requirements in any market, including electronic, aerospace, medical, gas turbine, automotive, metallurgy and petrochemical industries.

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