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DISCUS Software Company

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DISCUS Software Company specializes in software tools for accelerating manufacturing and quality engineering in the aerospace, automotive, medical and heavy machinery fields. DISCUS tools are productivity solutions that dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete first article inspection, in-process inspection planning, process planning, and producibility analysis during standard and additive manufacturing processes. DISCUS IDA™ automatically balloons engineering drawings in PDF, TIFF and 3D CAD formats while enabling users to balloon specific areas or entire pages with just a few mouse clicks. You can use DISCUS to increase speed, enhance precision, reduce need for human involvement therefore lowering your potential for human error. DISCUS is compatible with many of the requirements used by companies like Raytheon (RTX), Boeing, Ford, GE, Lockheed, Honeywell, etc. and can upload results to platforms like Net-Inspect. DISCUS Software invented the first tools to address First Article Inspection and continues to innovate as the market leader in manufacturing and quality engineering software.
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