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DyeMansion is the global leader in post-processing solutions for industrial polymer 3D-printing and the only provider of a complete, fully integrated end-to-end solution for all finishing steps. From perfect fit eyewear to personalized car interiors, our technology makes 3D-printed products become a part of our everyday life. Our on demand service in Austin can now provide you with benchmarks and smaller orders to advise you find the right finish. Our Print-to-Product workflow combines industry-leading hardware with the widest range of color options on the market. Our systems are applicable for Industry 4.0 and can be integrated seamlessly into various production processes. Reduced cost per part, unmatched quality, and high sustainability are core values that drive each innovation of our fast-growing company.
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  • Additive Manufacturing Machines & Processes
  • Polymer Machines & Systems
  • Post Processing
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