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Equispheres Inc

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High-Performance Aluminum Powder Equispheres’ powder is designed to reduce cost-per-part, with features optimized for rapid production of items without compromising mechanical performance. Our material has been shown to print 3x faster and reduce part costs by more than 50%. Equispheres’ patent-pending atomization technique produces a nearly perfect powder. Its uniform size, sphericity, and consistent microstructure — as well as smoother surface and thinner oxide layer — result in significantly higher build rate with superior mechanical properties. Economic and Performance Advantages: Increase production speeds and lower costs Increased design-allowable performance Increased safety More uniform melt and solidification in every layer Work closely with Applications Engineering support services to quickly transition from your current materials and fully benefit from the lower costs and superior performance our powder can offer. High-performance aluminum powders for additive manufacturing in aerospace, automotive, and defense industries. What the future is made of.
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