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Impossible Objects

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Impossible Objects’ revolutionary CBAM process is the fastest, lowest-cost 3D printing process available. CBAM is a completely new way of 3D printing that prints up to 10x faster, at up to half the cost of legacy methods and yields parts up to 10x stronger. CBAM has a greater material selection, with higher strength, including carbon fiber composites. CBAM can use almost any thermoplastic ranging from commodity materials like polyester to high-performance materials such as PEEK. This gives high strength-to-weight ratios that rival aluminum in strength at lower weight. CBAM also has better dimensional tolerances, and essentially no shrinkage or warpage. In addition, materials such as PEEK have better chemical resistance and exceptional heat performance. Parts are ideal for applications in automotive, aviation, webspace, defense and footwear.
Product Categories
  • Composites
  • Prototype & Short Run Parts
  • Additive Manufacturing Machines & Processes
  • Direct Digital Manufacturing
  • Materials for Additive Manufacturing
  • Prototyping & Engineering Services
  • 3D Printers
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM)
  • Hybrid AM Machines
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