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MELD is a revolutionary solid-state technology for additive manufacturing of metal and metal matrix composites. MELD Manufacturing offers full-scale MELD machines, contract manufacturing of components, and associated products and services.  MELD machines produce near-net shape components in a wide range of materials. One MELD machine allows manufacture of fully-built parts, coating existing structures, performing repairs, and joining similar and dissimilar materials using a wide array of metals in solid or powder form. Materials used include unweldable metals. MELD offers very high-quality depositions at 100% density with equiaxed grain structures, refined grain size, and excellent as-deposited properties. The residual stress formed in the deposited components is much less than stresses developed during casting or other processes that involve melting and solidification. MELD yields a metallurgical bond between the deposited material and substrate or previously deposited layers.
Product Categories
  • Advanced Materials
  • Prototype & Short Run Parts
  • Additive Manufacturing Machines & Processes
  • Coatings
  • Direct Metal Deposition
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Prototyping & Engineering Services
  • Research & Development
  • 3D Printers
  • Hybrid AM Machines
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