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Modix Modular Technologies Ltd

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Modix - the leading provider of high-quality large format 3D printers. With IDEX dual-head printing, premium components, heavy duty design and customizable platforms, Modix offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility to its users. Our printers come as self-assembly kits, providing independent maintenance and easy upgrades. Modix is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, providing premium support services since 2015. Our line of printers: BIG-60 - 600x600x660 mm From 4,900 USD BIG-120X - 1,200x600x640 mm From 7,500 USD BIG-120Z - 600x600x1,200 mm From 7,500 USD BIG-Meter - 1,000x1,000x1,000 mm From 13,500 USD BIG-180X - 1,800x600x600 mm From 15,500 USD
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Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing
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