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REM Surface Engineering

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REM Surface Engineering is the inventor of the Extreme ISF® Process, a suite of chemical and chemical-mechanical surface finishing/polishing technologies including low and high-energy isotropic superfinishing technologies. The Extreme ISF Process can remove the extreme surface roughness and surface/near-surface defects of metal AM components, improving dynamic fatigue life and corrosion resistance while improving flow properties by reducing turbulence and pressure drop. Additional applications of the Extreme ISF Process technology include support structure removal, internal channel powder removal to eliminate particle shedding/cleanliness issues, controlled wall-thickness reduction below commonly printable dimensions, and controlled orifice size increases. REM is proud to support NASA, DARPA, the DOE, and the DOD via our SBIR and non-SBIR efforts. REM provides its technologies as both an outsourced process from its US, UK, DE company sites as well as via process installations.
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