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Ricoh USA, Inc.

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What if you could show a patient a precise replica of their surgical area, and pinpoint exactly where you’d be operating to put them at ease and increase transparency? With 3D medical modeling, clinicians can see inside anatomy for greater visibility into patient needs and patients understand their procedures better, resulting in a better experience. You can even produce models that closely simulate the feel of actual tissue. Integration into existing digital workflows means anatomical 3D medical devices are now more accessible. Healthcare organization, surgeons, medical schools and researchers will be empowered to: Create 3D medical models without a large capital investment. Design and print 3D printed anatomical models much faster. Produce files quickly with AI-assisted medical imaging.

New for 2024, Ricoh introduces All-In 3D Print. Innovative. Managed. On-site. Our All-In 3D Print solution provides a holistic, single-source way for manufacturers to harness the power of additive manufactoring (aka 3D printing), enabling innovation, lowering the cost of prototyping, and bringing ideas to market faster. 

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