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Protect your high-performance 3D printing materials from moisture by using a filament Drying and/or Storage Cabinet. Filament cabinets are crucial for maintaining and preserving the best print quality. If your printer lacks a filament storage option, or if you have excess filament, a Dry Cabinet is essential to safeguard against light, dust, degradation, and most importantly moisture. Our SuperDry desiccant cabinets deliver outstanding performance for drying and storage of 3D printing filament.

The advanced technology of XSD desiccant cabinets delivers a process combining ultra low humidity (<0.5%) and mild temperatures (40-60°c) for active and fast moisture removal  these temperatures are well within the “glass transition temperature” of even the least heat resistant polymers. higher temperatures will affect the filament properties changing them from hard and brittle to soft, molten and unusable.>

Our storage cabinets are optimal for storing filament to prevent moisture from entering your product. The cabinets maintain a humidity of <5% which stops moisture absorption in the stored products.>

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