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Toyal America Inc Metal Powders

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Toyal group is a global producer of aluminum based products. The company was founded in 1931 and is today one of the major producers of aluminum powders, aluminum based alloy powders and aluminum nitride powders. Our newest aluminum alloys powders with ultra spherical shapes are specifically designed for the additive manufacturing industry. They offer better flow properties, low oxygen content and very narrow PSD to allow our customers to print their desired metal parts. Unique alloy Composition: F357 under the name F3570-40B5 Scalmalloy under the name SCALMA40B5 Spheralloy under the name TCFe1Z Standard Particle Size: 40 to 45 micorns for PBF 80 microns for DED We can also offer customized aluminum alloy powders. Toyal America Inc contact: 630-999-1547
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