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At Triditive, we develop automation systems for 3D printing. With our AMCELL system, you can manufacture parts continuously 24/7 with minimal operator intervention. Our EVAM software manages the entire production lifecycle, providing top flexibility and reliability.

Our solutions include:
AMCELL 8300: Additive manufacturing system for industrial applications with 8 workstations, filament storage, automatic platform feeding, heated chamber, metal and polymer printing, and full part traceability with FDA certification.
TRACED: Automated storage with a capacity for 80 printing platforms that connects to AMCELL 8300.
AMCELL 1450:Large volume additive manufacturing system (500x500x500mm), designed for high-demand industrial environments. Includes automatic filament feeding, heated chamber, and NATO AQAP - STANAG 4107 Compliant certification.
AMCELLJET:Produces high-resolution parts, from prototypes to final components. Is compatible with a water-based binder developed by Triditive for competitive pricing and optimal results.

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