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Volkmann Inc

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Maximize costly metal powder use and avoid risks when handling metal powders while keeping the manufacturing operation running at peak efficiency with PowTReX, Volkmann’s next generation system for additive manufacturing. The PowTReX range is designed specifically to provide safe transfer, recovery and extraction, and return-to-use of materials with high bulk densities at high rates. PowTReX is capable of handling metals and materials such as tungsten, cobalt, silver powder, iron, stainless steel, alumina, nickel chrome, copper, and chrono K20 with bulk densities ranging from 93 to 500 lbs/ft3.  It operates at screening throughputs of above 1100 lbs/hr for stainless steel, and above 660 lbs/hr for aluminum powder. The units work in both a normal air environment and, where necessary, under inert gas with O2 levels typically between 2% and 4%. Where inert transfer is required, the system is designed in a “closed loop” so that inert gas is both contained and reused, avoiding the additional cost of large volumes of inert gas, temperature, and containment.
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