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XJet Ltd.

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XJet offers end-to-end solutions for high-quality metal and ceramic additive manufacturing, including job planning software, 3D printer, and an automatic support removal station. Founded in 2005 with over 80 patents, XJet developed and introduced the revolutionary NanoParticle Jetting™ technology, an inkjet printing solution that jets build and soluble support material simultaneously, at uncompromised part quality, surface roughness, resolution, and one of the lowest cost-per-part models. It matches traditional manufacturing quality while unleashing the power of AM for metal and ceramics by enabling - Unlimited parts and assemblies design complexity - Leading part quality and accuracy with no post-processing machining - 3 Easy Steps of Print-Wash-Sinter, which is powderless, automated, safe, and efficient manufacturing process The solution has been widely adopted in medical devices, fluid control, consumer products, fashion accessories, and more.