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Yoav Stern

Yoav Stern is the Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of Nano Dimension. Since joining the Company in December 2019, he has seen the business transform from a niche 3D printing company for electronics to a market leading 3D printing, robotics, and industrial-AI innovator. During this time, Nano Dimension has grown from $5 million in revenue to over $56 million. Mr. Stern joined Nano Dimension after serving in executive roles as CEO and Chairman in several public and private advanced technology companies, taking them from a few million dollars of revenue into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Among some of the companies Mr. Stern led were Wordstart International Inc., Kellstrom Industries Inc., DVTEL Inc., Bogen Corporation, and FiberSensys LLC. Mr. Stern earned a B. Sc. Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, an M.A. in International Relations from New York University, as well as a Diploma in Automation and Mechanical Engineering. He is a graduate from of the Israeli Air Force Academy, a Lt. Colonel (Ret.), an F-15 fighter pilot and an ex-D. Squadron Commander.