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3D Printing News & Trends

Manufacturing Has Evolved — And This Is Only the Beginning

All great 3D printing journeys begin at RAPID + TCT. Every innovator. Every industry. Every point on the adoption curve. The industry’s full ecosystem unites — and returns — to North America’s largest and most influential additive manufacturing event to respond to the ever-expanding digital revolution. From startups to industrial applications, 3D printing technology is unveiled and scaled here.

RAPID + TCT 2023
May 2-4, 2023
McCormick Place — West Building
Chicago, IL

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Catch up with how 3D printing breakthroughs are being adopted across industries to redefine manufacturing.

Andres Barban wrapping pickleball paddles at the Wilson Innovation Center.

Wilson Manufactures the Pickle Ball Paddle of the Future

Pickle Ball is one of the fastest growing sports in America — with a growing problem. The paddles players use are so loud, the courts’ neighbors have complained and even filed lawsuits to have the games shut down. Wilson Sporting Goods and Azul 3D teamed up to rethink the design of the paddles by focusing on the five key pillars of additive manufacturing: part consolidation, novel geometries, customization, digital inventory and localized manufacturing.
Figure 1: Turbomachinery components like those shown here are typically produced using laser metal fusion.

Space, the New Frontier for Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is likely to carry much of the responsibility for the future of human space travel. In fact, many aerospace companies are already taking advantage of 3D technologies to create lighter, less expensive rocket parts faster than ever before, including SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Aerojet Rocketdyne. Relativity Space has entire rockets that are 3D printed.
Lung lobe

Current Uses of Bioprinting

Bioprinting has evolved from the placement of cells in a traditional inkjet printer to sophisticated 3D printing methods and cell-laden bioactive materials to engineer tissues that mimic human physiology — opening the door to revolutionary breakthroughs. Case in point: the tumor-on-a-chip system, which uses a blood and lymphatic vessel pair to model the delivery and drainage of anticancer drugs, representing a giant leap forward in modeling human complexity and allows researchers to more quickly identify drugs that will fail before they reach clinical trials.
DET founders Dr. Tingji “TJ” Tang and Ken Havlinek.

3D Printing Expands Possibilities for Renewable Energy

With the search for alternatives fuels ratcheting up, attention is turning to geothermal systems. In 2022, Houston-based Downhole Emerging Technologies (DET) took home one of two $500,000 grand prizes from the Department of Energy for the development of a new form of packer system — a critical element that regulates the flow of heat and steam in geothermal wells and an achievement made possible by 3D printing.

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With use cases growing by the day, it’s time to see where 3D printing can take your business. Head to the RAPID + TCT exhibit floor for inspiration and insights from hundreds of leading manufacturing solutions providers. From the latest polymers, ceramics and metals to products and applications just hitting the marketplace, it’s your direct link to the people and products needed to stay competitive.

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