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Advance Automotive Design With Additive

The 3D Printing Revolution is Here. Are You Ready?

Additive Manufacturing enables automotive manufacturers to produce complex geometries and intricate designs that are difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods. This design freedom allows for the optimization of component performance, weight reduction, and integration of multiple functions into a single part. By consolidating parts and reducing assembly complexity, additive manufacturing can lead to improved vehicle efficiency and performance. (Source: "Additive Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry: Challenges and Advances" by J. Godlinski et al., in Applied Sciences, 2017)

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Automotive manufacturing

RAPID + TCT: The Next Level of Automotive Manufacturing

Lightweighting and Material Efficiency: Additive manufacturing facilitates the production of lightweight components using advanced materials, such as composites and high-performance alloys. By optimizing material usage and eliminating excess material, AM can significantly reduce the weight of automotive parts without compromising structural integrity or performance. Lightweighting contributes to fuel efficiency, range extension for electric vehicles, and overall vehicle performance, while also reducing environmental impact. (Source: "Additive Manufacturing: A Catalyst for the Automotive Industry" by KPMG, 2019)

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Three Reasons to Be at RAPID + TCT

Innovative Solutions at RAPID + TCT

Innovative Solutions

On the show floor, you'll find products from 400+ solution providers and 100+ top equipment builders. You'll see, touch, and test the materials and technologies powering the next phase of innovation in AM, speak one-on-one with product reps, and be among the first to preview exclusive new offerings.
Connect, Explore and Innovate at RAPID + TCT

Industry Connections

From rising stars to established leaders, RAPID + TCT attracts the biggest names and the brightest minds in the industry. With daily networking events and opportunities to mingle between sessions and on the show floor, you'll build the relationships you need to keep fueling growth for your company and your career.
Panel at RAPID + TCT

Impactful Ideas

With 300+ speakers on-site and 125+ hours of specialist content, RAPID + TCT is the most robust technical conference in industrial 3D printing. From timely talks and panels to hands-on workshops, you'll get direct access to the AM experts and industry leaders driving change in the field.