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Discover the Power of Additive in Healthcare

The 3D Printing Revolution is Here. Are You Ready?

Unlock the transformative power of additive manufacturing in healthcare at RAPID + TCT. In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, where precision, customization, and speed are essential, additive manufacturing emerges as a game-changer. From patient-specific implants to cutting-edge medical devices, this event showcases the latest in additive manufacturing technologies tailored to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Join us to explore the limitless possibilities of 3D printing in healthcare and stay ahead in delivering personalized, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for better patient outcomes.

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Medical manufacturing

RAPID + TCT: The Next Level of Medical Manufacturing

Biocompatible Materials and Biofabrication: Additive manufacturing technologies have advanced to include a wide range of biocompatible materials suitable for medical applications. These materials enable the fabrication of tissue-engineered constructs, scaffolds for regenerative medicine, and bioprinted organs for transplantation. Biofabrication techniques hold promise for revolutionizing the field of organ replacement and tissue repair. (Source: "Bioprinting: principles and applications" by Y. Zhang et al., in Comprehensive Biotechnology, 2019)

Surgical Planning and Education: 3D printing facilitates the creation of patient-specific anatomical models derived from medical imaging data (such as CT or MRI scans). These models aid in surgical planning, allowing surgeons to visualize complex anatomical structures and practice procedures before entering the operating room. Additionally, 3D-printed anatomical models serve as valuable educational tools for medical students and healthcare professionals, enhancing understanding of anatomy and pathology. (Source: "The Application of 3D Printing in the Surgical Planning of Trabeculectomy in Glaucoma Patients" by Hongfang Liu et al., in BioMed Research International, 2020)

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Three Reasons to Be at RAPID + TCT

Innovative Solutions at RAPID + TCT

Innovative Solutions

On the show floor, you'll find products from 400+ solution providers and 100+ top equipment builders. You'll see, touch, and test the materials and technologies powering the next phase of innovation in AM, speak one-on-one with product reps, and be among the first to preview exclusive new offerings.
Connect, Explore and Innovate at RAPID + TCT

Industry Connections

From rising stars to established leaders, RAPID + TCT attracts the biggest names and the brightest minds in the industry. With daily networking events and opportunities to mingle between sessions and on the show floor, you'll build the relationships you need to keep fueling growth for your company and your career.
Panel at RAPID + TCT

Impactful Ideas

With 300+ speakers on-site and 125+ hours of specialist content, RAPID + TCT is the most robust technical conference in industrial 3D printing. From timely talks and panels to hands-on workshops, you'll get direct access to the AM experts and industry leaders driving change in the field.