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3D Printing from Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A One-stop Shop for Soft Tissue and Bone Modeling

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Conference Abstract: Patient specific 3-dimensional (3D) printed anatomic models are valuable clinical tools which are generally created from computed tomography (CT). Other volumetric imaging studies can be used, however image segmentation from these data sets is more challenging. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an attractive alternative, since it offers exquisite soft tissue characterization and flexible contrast avoiding the use of ionizing radiation. Herein, we will describe the use of a zero-echo time MRI sequence to capture the rapidly decaying MR signal of cortical bone, enabling the imaging of bone structures and complementing a conventional MR soft tissue exam. Next, we will describe how both soft tissue and bone are visualized and segmented from these MR datasets. Finally, through case presentations, we will show how 3D printing from MR is being utilized in the clinic. Harnessing the power of 3D printing from MRI brings medical marvels for life. This cutting-edge technology fosters a deeper understanding of complex structures, eliminating the need for multiple imaging studies (e.g. CT & MRI) and improving surgical planning, patient communication, and medical education. The marriage of 3D printing and MRI heralds a new era of customized, patient-centric healthcare solutions.