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A Rapid Quality Control Method for Parameter Optimization of Metal Additive Manufacturing Using Immersion Ultrasonic Testing

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Conference Abstract: In the realm of Additive Manufacturing (AM), achieving high-quality parts necessitates meticulous parameter optimization. This process, especially for novel materials and techniques, is both time-consuming and financially burdensome. This study introduces a novel approach: a rapid immersion ultrasound technique designed to swiftly assess the overall quality of samples produced under a standard set of parameters. The objective is to facilitate the rapid evaluation of AM parameters and streamline the selection of optimal conditions for the production of superior quality parts.
To validate the effectiveness of the proposed technique, eight one-centimeter cylindrical samples were fabricated from Titanium (Ti64) using the Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process. These samples, affixed to a base plate, were subjected to immersion ultrasound testing employing various center frequencies. Two conventional ultrasound parameters, namely sound speed and attenuation, were measured. The correlation between these parameters and the porosity levels of the samples was established through x-ray computed tomography (CT) analysis.
The results unequivocally substantiated the viability of the proposed approach. It demonstrated its efficacy in the rapid evaluation and optimization of parameters in metallic additive manufacturing processes. This innovative method promises to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with parameter optimization, thereby enhancing the efficiency and quality of Additive Manufacturing endeavors.