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Additive Friction Stir Deposition for Critical Need Aerospace Forgings

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Conference Abstract: Many customers are flying their aircrafts longer than they were ever intended to fly. This has led to Aircrafts on Ground (AoGs) waiting for spare parts. Due to lack of existing tooling and/or suppliers, extremely long lead times, and material/process obsolescence, many of these spare parts are simply unobtainable via traditional manufacturing processes. This presentation dives into the use of Additive Friction Stir Deposition (AFSD) for critical need spare parts, and specifically large, highly loaded castings and forgings. This presentation provides a detailed look at the benefits of AFSD from a static, fatigue, and fracture toughness property perspective, and provides an understanding of why this technology is so disruptive and such a game changer for fleet readiness. Before the development of this technology, additive manufacturing of large Critical Safety Items was deemed largely impossible and impractical. This presentation will provide a look at several military applications of AFSD on Boeing aircraft and rotorcraft fleets, including 707 military derivatives, Apache and Chinook helicopters, and fighter aircrafts such as the F/A-18.
  • Daniel Braley
    Boeing Associate Technical Fellow
    The Boeing Company