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Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Fusion Energy & Spinoff Technologies

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Conference Abstract: Founded in 1998, TAE Technologies is a mission-driven company advancing proprietary science and engineering solutions for a brighter, healthier future. The core objective is to develop the ultimate carbon-free energy solution: a commercial fusion power source that is compact, cost-effective, with the cleanest environmental profile and capable of sustaining the planet for centuries. Strengthen by more than 20 years of R&D over five generations of fusion platforms, TAE is now building Copernicus, which will demonstrate viability of net energy at high plasma temperatures. This essential step is bringing new engineering challenges, that TAE is tackling thanks to cutting-edge technology and the support of advanced industry, such as Additive Manufacturing (AM). This innovative approach, pioneering in the world of fusion, has already provided encouraging results, paving the road to future commercial fusion platforms, expected by the early 2030s. Alongside fusion, TAE is developing groundbreaking innovations in Power Solutions and Life Sciences (next-generation treatment for cancer patients), which will both benefit from AM technology and related developments.