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Advancing Wind Turbine Blade Aero Performance in Tough Environments with Stereolithography 3D Printing for Wind Tunnel Testing

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Conference Abstract: Relentless pursuit of renewable energy solutions demands continuous innovation in the field of wind turbine technology. Gulf Wind Technology is utilizing Stereolithography to accelerate aero development of wind turbine blades within advanced wind tunnel testing.

Beginning with an exploration of current challenges in wind turbine design and the need for enhanced aerodynamic performance, the session highlights challenges in developing wind turbine blades for offshore wind turbines operating in the most challenging environments.

The ability to create complex geometric structures, optimized aerodynamic profiles, and intricate internal components empowers researchers to fine-tune blade designs for optimal performance accelerating the development cycle, and providing a cost-effective means of iterating and refining designs in response to real-world aerodynamic challenges.

Attendees will learn how GWT is leveraging the Stratasys Neo800 and Stereolithography to catalyze a paradigm shift in wind turbine blade development, fostering innovation, and propelling the renewable energy sector towards a more sustainable future.
  • Joe Lotuaco
    Sr. Product Developer
    Gulf Wind Technology