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Blockbuster Magic: Behind the Scenes with 3D-Printed Props and Sets

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Conference Abstract: Join us as we explore the fascinating world of 3D-printed props and sets in the entertainment industry. Our expert speakers include Ryan Nelson, a seasoned manufacturing expert from Stratasys Direct; Fon Davis from Fonco Studios; and Matt Winston, from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Together, they will shed light on the innovative ways 3D printing is revolutionizing the creation of props and sets for blockbuster movies and TV shows.
Attendees will:
• See case study examples of 3D printed props, including a PolyJet animatronic octopus, and an SLA ship, designed by Fon Davis, printed by Stratasys Direct, and being utilized in prop making curriculum created by the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.
• Get a behind-the-scenes look at the unique design and production challenges faced by creative services studios and filmmakers, and the 3D printing solutions they utilize to overcome these obstacles.
• Discover how 3D printing has revolutionized the creation of characters, specialty costumes, and props, enabling filmmakers to craft hyper-realistic props swiftly.
• Uncover how 3D printing can significantly reduce production costs and timelines for film props, complex costumes, characters, and sets.
• Explore real-world examples of 3D-printed movie characters, costumes, and props used in popular films.
• Learn how material selection, part orientation, and post-processing play a vital role in the build process and bring props to life.
• Learn how entertainment educators are incorporating additive manufacturing technologies into their curriculum of character, specialty costume, and prop-making
• Get a glimpse of the future of 3D printing in entertainment, including emerging technologies and trends.
Gain a profound understanding of the convergence of creativity and technology in the entertainment industry and see how 3D printing is pushing the boundaries of innovation, expediting movie production, and shaping the future of entertainment.
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    Stan Winston School of Character Arts