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Carbon Emissions Transformed into Clean Energy with Additive Manufacturing Technologies Enablement

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Conference Abstract: ReCarbon, a clean technology manufacturer, leverages industrial 3D printing veteran, EOS, to enable the heart of its innovative Plasma Carbon Conversion Unit (PCCU) and further its mission of transforming negative waste emissions into revenue-generating clean fuel alternatives. ReCarbon’s technology platform repurposes two of the world’s most harmful greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane, into syngas and hydrogen, which can be used to fuel automotive vehicles, power homes, and manufacture further technology.

Additive manufacturing (AM) played a key role in the prototyping, development, and production of the mission-critical component within the PCCU. The use of industrial 3D printing was able to increase speed-to-market through the creation of novel designs, part consolidation, and enhanced material capabilities. By leveraging AM technology, ReCarbon was able to match the sense of urgency and speed needed to develop this technology to combat the existential threat of climate change.

In this presentation, we will discuss:

How AM was leveraged by ReCarbon and what benefits it provided during the development, prototyping and production phases

How AM is enabling ReCarbon with a technology that can adapt quickly alongside the organization’s scientists and engineers

What types of carbon-negative conversions are possible because of innovations made through ReCarbon’s energy research and development
  • Fabian Alefeld
    Senior Manager – Academy & Consulting
    EOS North America