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Comparative Durability Benchmarking of Traditional Injection Polymers Against 1k UV Curing Resins

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Conference Abstract: Unlocking new serial applications using 1k UV Curing Resins in additive manufacturing (AM) relays on trustworthy data providing the required information of both its capabilities and limitations.

Within our presentation we show novel durability data of the traditional thermoplastic polymers PA6 and POM, which are used in Injection molding, in comparison to high-performance 1k UV Curing Resins, used in DLP and LCD-based AM. The durability performance was tested intensely looking into the chemical resistance (ASTM D543), UV and humidity exposure (ASTM D4329), accelerated heat aging (ASTM D3045) and cyclic temperature tests (PV1200). Both the thermoplastics and AM specimens underwent this rigorous testing under identical conditions to ensure consistent and reliable comparative analyses. The evaluation of AM samples focused on Loctite 3D 3843 BK and Loctite 3D IND403 BK as representative examples.

The results of this Durability Benchmarking comparing traditional polymers against advanced 1k UV-Curing resins offers crucial insights for optimizing additive manufacturing applications, benefiting the compete AM industry performance and reliability.
  • Daniel Rothfuss, PhD
    Head of Product Development and Application Engineering 3D Printing
    Henkel - Loctite 3D Printing