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Design for Additive Manufacturing of Composite Structures

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Conference Abstract: This talk delves into the intricate process of designing for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) of fiber reinforced composites, emphasizing their anisotropic nature, challenges posed by stress concentrations in AM composite parts, and their manufacturability. Additive Manufacturing (AM) has revolutionized the fabrication of complex structures, yet DfAM extends beyond AM itself, necessitating the implementation of various constraints to optimize the process. The presentation will distinguish between designing for stiffness and strength in composites, elucidating how these two aspects differ significantly in DfAM of composites. Moreover, we will unveil a novel framework specifically tailored for DfAM of composites. This framework is not only theoretical but is substantiated with validation data, demonstrating its effectiveness in producing lighter yet robust components. The talk aims to provide insights into overcoming the inherent limitations of composites in AM, paving the way for more efficient and resilient manufacturing solutions. Attendees will leave with an understanding of DfAM for composites, equipped with the knowledge to exploit its full potential in light-weighting and performance enhancement.