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Earn Your MBA in Additive: How to Justify Large Capital Projects by Navigating the Tide of Rising Interest Rates

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Conference Abstract: In today's dynamic manufacturing environment, additive manufacturing emerges as a pivotal force for innovation and operational efficiency improvements. However, increasing interest rates are driving finance teams to scrutinize large capital projects with increased hurdle rates. My presentation 'Earn your MBA in Additive: How to justify large capital projects by navigating the tide of rising interest rates,' combines my experience as a champion for additive manufacturing at my organization and learnings from an MBA at the university of Wisconsin-Madison to help other technology leaders justify investments in additive manufacturing despite tough capital markets.
A core theme of this presentation is the collaboration between process owners and finance teams. By examining current operational inefficiencies with process owners, we can highlight the substantial cost savings and added value that additive manufacturing can deliver for their organization. Once these cost drivers are understood, a conversation with finance can validate these findings and begin building a portfolio of savings to justify the investment. This presentation will provide concise examples of these hidden costs, how to calculate them, and how to scale this approach across the operations of an organization to realize the total impact of additive manufacturing. The objective is to foster a collaborative environment between process owners, finance, and the technology champion to deliver exceptional results for the organization.
By the conclusion of this presentation, attendees will have the necessary tools to confidently engage in these conversations to advocate for additive manufacturing in their respective organizations. Attendees will leave equipped with the strategies and insights necessary to build a compelling case that resonates with both process owners and finance teams, ultimately facilitating the adoption of additive manufacturing and propelling their companies to new pinnacles of efficiency and innovation in the modern manufacturing arena.