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Going off Road with 3D Printing: How One Motorsports Team 3D Printed Their Way into the Championship

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Conference Abstract: In the high-stakes world of off-road racing, the need for rapid, cost-effective solutions to address vehicle challenges is paramount. Schwartz Off Road Motorsportz (SORM), a family-owned team competing in the Championship Off Road Series, encountered a communication breakdown during the critical preparations for a race due to a broken antenna clamp. Faced with limited time and resources, the team turned to innovative 3D printing methods to overcome this challenge and others, showcasing a unique approach to problem-solving in the motorsports industry.

Erik Schwartz, Owner and Driver of SORM, leveraged his extensive experience in 3D printing, recognizing its value in swiftly addressing complex issues. The team's utilization of 3D printing facilitated the creation of parts essential for their Side by Side (SxS) vehicle, effectively reducing costs and turnaround time. The team's ability to rapidly prototype, test, and produce custom parts enabled them to sustainably maintain and optimize their vehicle's performance while keeping costs in check.

This presentation will examine the multifaceted applications of 3D printing in motorsports. SORM’s use of advanced materials and dual-extrusion technology to produce components such as radiator brackets, damage-absorbing quarter panel clamps, and complex airflow-enhancing front grilles demonstrates the versatility and cost-efficiency of this innovative approach. Moreover, the team's integration of 3D printing for organizational aids, like custom fixtures and color-coded trays, showcases the broader benefits in enhancing workshop efficiency.