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Insights from Three Generations of Additively Manufactured Construction Systems

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Conference Abstract: This session provides an overview of the insights gathered from three generations of additively manufactured construction systems developed by Mighty Buildings, with a particular focus on the Mighty Kit System. The Mighty Kit System represents a significant advancement in construction technology, leveraging 3D printing and robotic automation to deliver cost-effective and environmentally-friendly housing solutions. The evolution of these systems demonstrates a consistent focus on improving efficiency, reducing waste, and increasing customization capabilities. The Mighty Kit System, as the latest iteration, showcases the potential for rapid, scalable production of prefabricated panels that can be easily assembled on-site.

The first generation of the Mighty Kit System (MKS 1.0) was specifically developed to introduce large-scale panels for single-story residential structures. MKS 1.0 was designed to be attached to a steel frame for each panel. This approach has its pros and cons.

The second generation (MKS 1.5) was designed for multi-story projects. MKS 1.5 has its challenges, specifically in the types of geometries and connections between panels when stacking one on top of another. Another improvement was in decoupling additively manufactured panels from steel. The final attachment of the panels to the steel frame (superstructure) happens on-site.

The third generation (MKS 2.0) unveils end-to-end fully finished panels from exterior to interior. However, it also introduces challenges in regard to MEP routing and more complex connections between panels.

The insights from these three generations underscore the transformative potential of additive manufacturing in the construction industry, paving the way for future innovations.
  • Alexey Dubov
    Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
    Mighty Buildings, Inc.