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LPBF Operator’s Influence on Part Quality

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Conference Abstract: Operators play a significant role in ensuring the quality of parts produced in metal laser powder fusion process. This highly interactive presentation will cover the importance of operator skills required to produce a part with the right quality, operator's role in managing quality, safety and ensuring process control. We will discuss what is an operator, and how this role varies from organization to organization. What is the true influence of this operator on the final part delivered to the customer?
Some of the key questions answered in this discussion include, What are proper expectations on training? Review the ways a typical operator receives their training and how they gain experience and higher skills. Examine the question of how can these skills be validated and what requirements are out there for any real validation? What efforts are being followed for safe operation of the AM equipment and the facility and materials? Does your organization support safety and how does the operator impact these efforts?
Validation of operator capabilities and knowledge will continue to become more important as AM is further industrialized. Aerospace and other industries are starting to look beyond training certificates as a tool for operator validation. This presentation sheds light on how safety and process control can be positively influenced by operator certification.
  • Paul Bates
    Lead Project Engineer
    ASTM International