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Merging Special Effects and AM to Create Highly Realistic Medical Models

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Conference Abstract: Anatomic models are an essential learning tool for medical professionals to better understand and teach others complex three-dimensional structures of the human body. As well as a clearer view of anatomy, clinicians require simulation models that realistically portray the structure, look and feel of tissues to learn the motor skills and spacial relationships of internal anatomy for specific procedures. Additionally, patients are often unfamiliar with the anatomy involved in their condition and with a model can gain a better understanding, helping them to make more informed decisions about procedures they will undergo.
Combining patient data from CT and MRI imaging with digital modeling, additive manufacturing, and special effects artistry, a new array of options is now open for both anatomic accuracy and visual realism.
This presentation will focus on several 3D ocular anatomy models for an EMG (electromyography) technique monitoring cranial nerves during tumor resection surgeries. The Mayo Clinic Anatomic Modeling Unit was requested to create a static anatomic reference model of the human eye and surrounding anatomy, including ocular muscles, arteries, ligaments, and nerves. Additionally, to demonstrate and rehearse the procedure, a simulation training model was fabricated, requiring silicone ocular muscles and a realistic, flexible facial tissue component.
Christian will outline his process for creating lifelike full color eye models utilizing CMYK and clear material jet voxel printing. Topics covered include fundamentals of digital modeling, UV unwrapping and texture mapping for additive manufacturing. He will also describe the steps and principals involved in designing digital molds which are printed and used to cast silicone components. Throughout, he will highlight how he draws on his background in special effects to maximize the realism of this work.