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Overcoming AM's Cost Hurdles: The Automation Advantage

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Conference Abstract: The core objective of this presentation is to illuminate the essential role of automation in increasing the widespread adoption of additive manufacturing, particularly by addressing the often-overlooked aspects of post-processing and labor-intensive steps that are not typically accounted for in conventional workflows. The focus of the presentation is on showcasing how automation propels additive manufacturing beyond its current limitations, making it a cost-effective, sustainable, and widely adopted manufacturing solution that integrates holistically into the manufacturer's workflow.

Examples will be provided showing how automation is transforming additive manufacturing from a costly, prototype-based and niche process into a widely adopted, cost-competitive, and sustainable manufacturing solution.

This presentation targets an audience with a vested interest in the future of manufacturing, encompassing engineers, researchers, manufacturers, and industry stakeholders. The focus on the underutilized potential of automation in AM will resonate with a diverse array of attendees.

Technical Information:
Technical aspects of integrating automation into additive manufacturing shown will include: example workflows, cost comparisons, customer challenges, and workflows/products where automation has been used to varying degrees of success.

In conclusion, for additive manufacturing to achieve widespread adoption on a large scale, it is imperative to deliver on manufacturer’s requirements in terms of cost, labor, speed, and sustainability requirements. Materials and processes should not only incorporate automation but also account for critical cost concerns such as labor and post-processing. By fostering a collective approach that addresses these multifaceted challenges, we can pave the way for AM’s integration into mainstream manufacturing practices.