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Part Qualification Using Digital X-Ray Inspection

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Conference Abstract: This presentation will focus on qualification steps for X-Ray and Computed Tomography supporting the development of AM produced parts and components. AM products are being used in space, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and medical applications. Some of these parts are flight critical, thus requiring unique testing methods for part certification and approval. The information in this presentation will highlight metallurgical differences between AM and traditionally produced parts, standards for flaw and metrology- based inspection, digital radiography, Fan Beam computed tomography, Cone Beam computed tomography, contrast, sensitivity, and resolution differences based on part size, material type and geometry.

The qualification of AM products is a challenge for many. Without the proper skill sets, training, certifications, and understanding of industry-based standards, many customers are struggling to determine how to qualify their product. There are numerous NDT inspection methods that support the qualification of flight critical parts, however many of these AM parts are complex geometries which are difficult to inspect with current methods. Additional challenges include preparing qualified technicians, customer approvals, education of digital radiography and computed tomography for AM technique development. AM parts are replacing legacy hardware and allowing the customer to expand their capability. The AM journey has shown success for flight and will continue its path as long as meeting the fatigue and fracture criteria. The role of X-Ray and Computed Tomography is a great inspection tool for assessing product in the AM process.