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Point of Care 3DBiomodelling & Printing in a Pediatric Hospital Quality Control and Quality Assurance for a Successful Program

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Conference Abstract: Recently many pediatric physicians have transgressed from using medical imaging exclusively for diagnostic purposes to enhanced visualization with value addition in the form of 3D virtual and physical bio models for pre surgical planning and family and patient education. This transition is bringing about a steep rise in hospital-based 3D printing coined as “Point of care 3D Printing” in pediatric hospitals. Physicians and hospital leadership realize 3D printing can usher in, new innovative safe procedures, treatment possibilities as a definitive pathway to better personalized pediatric patient care. Radiologists and surgeons are working together to bring the best outcomes for the precious pediatric patients they care every day.
Manufacturing at point of care is a whole new global concept and regulators and end users are working together to make this successfully happen with appropriate guidance.
There are typically 3 pathways ways for POC 3DP. Either the hospital invests in acquiring and training personnel and equipment, or partially or completely allowing third party vendors to work within the hospital premises providing services.
Either way the regulatory, compliance, quality control and assurance processes forms the primary essentials for a successful project.
This talk with delve unique challenges of a pediatric set up and discuss the essentials of quality control and quality assurance processes for a successful program.