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Pushing the Boundaries in Additive Manufacturing of Al Alloys: Material Candidates for High-performance Applications

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Conference Abstract: Aluminium-based alloys have been in Additive Manufacturing from the start, yet the range of available materials is still limited. On the other hand, there is an increased demand for light-weight alloys with improved properties. The presentation will take a closer look at material candidates “beyond AlSi10Mg” and highlight customized material solutions. Material properties have been tailored with respect to increased strength (up to 465 - 500 MPa with 12-17% elongation) or high temperature mechanical strength for temperatures up to 400°C or conductivity. The aim is to share experience and to provide insight on aspects such as processing, properties and the application potential. For selected candidates, in addition to the material properties a case study for prototype parts will be presented with the primary area of application being motorsports.