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Recyling & Reusing Aerospace Parts by Converting into Powder for Additive Manufacturing - A Lessons Learned & Technical Summary

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Conference Abstract: Powder prices are often discussed as a barrier to entry for AM users and as the final hurdle preventing production of AM parts. In the current climate of geopolitical constraints, need for in country material sourcing and critical minerals list the time is now to act and create a high value circular economy feed of product. We have taken aerospace parts and created powder, we have then created additively manufactured parts. We want to share our findings and the capability this process has with the AM world to showcase our capability but more importantly discuss the impact this could have on AM users in their quest for higher impact economic opportunities for AM.
We will share some of our processing and output data of our powders, we expect a lot of interest in oxygen management which we will discuss. We will discuss how we created AM parts and what the eventual findings are mechanically versus a baseline virgin powder.
We believe that though IP sensitive it is vital to share and discuss for our brand but mostly to enable AM. If AM can be enabled we will all be able to share in the benefits of its growth rather than contribute to its downfall.
This talk will be suitable for all levels of user as a walk through of the full AM process, with some optimisation and scientific discovery but also the commercial and environmental benefits and impacts of our work will also be discussed.
  • Robert Higham
    Founder & CEO
    Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.