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Rekindling Artistry in the Automotive Aftermarket Through Additive Manufacturing

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Conference Abstract: Founded in the Summer of 2005, BBI Autosport’s mission is to return artistry and craft to
the exotic tuning market. With decades of professional racing history fueling the engineering
and development of performance parts and services, BBI has quickly become a household
name in the Porsche motorsports industry.
BBI is currently embarking on a journey to produce boutique street and race cars that are a
significant step above the rest in terms of quality, and technological prowess. Driven by
their spirit of innovation, BBI has embraced advanced technologies such as additive
manufacturing (AM) to push the limits of these vehicles and maximize performance. The
team has chosen to partner with 3D Systems to design and produce bespoke parts that not
only will elevate BBI’s designs but to share with other exotic car manufacturers to elevate
the sport.
During this session, Dmitriy Orlov, COO, BBI Autosport, will showcase some of the latest
ongoing projects BBI has for the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. He will explore why AM
was chosen to produce these unique parts and delve into the designs, materials, and 3D
printing technologies that brought these parts to life.