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Revolutionizing Additive Manufacturing: Melding Physics-Infused Computational Simulation with AI Precision

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Conference Abstract: In the dynamic realm of additive manufacturing (AM), the convergence of physics-infused computational simulation and artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a transformative frontier. This presentation delves into a groundbreaking approach that seeks to reshape AM by synergizing the precision of physics-based simulations with the adaptive capabilities of AI. The central hypothesis posits that this integration can establish a comprehensive framework bridging materials science, fluid dynamics, and process engineering.
We envision a manufacturing landscape where machines transcend conventional pre-set instructions, dynamically responding to changing conditions. This ambitious goal is anchored in the belief that physics-based simulations, when harmonized with AI-driven insights, can birth a new era in AM that goes beyond existing limitations. The presentation's significance lies in its potential to revolutionize defect management, real-time process optimization, and material design.
Our focus extends across diverse AM processes, including Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), VAT polymerization, and Powder Bed Fusion (PBF). By fusing simulation models with AI algorithms, an intelligent control system is created, adapting to variations in material behavior and process conditions in real-time. The spotlight also falls on material design optimization, where AI analyzes the intricate interplay between material properties and process parameters, paving the way for custom-tailored materials and unprecedented innovation.
Furthermore, the presentation explores defect inspection technologies, leveraging AI for real-time defect recognition and classification. This approach minimizes post-process interventions, reducing waste, and elevating the reliability of AM processes.
As the manufacturing landscape evolves, the proposed methodology anticipates and rectifies defects in real-time, minimizing waste, and maximizing product quality. Join us on this pioneering journey, where the marriage of physics-infused computational simulation and AI precision propels AM into a future beyond the boundaries of current capabilities. This presentation represents a pivotal contribution to the AM domain, offering a vision where AI and simulations converge to redefine the manufacturing landscape.