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Rewriting the Playbook of Injection Molding with Digital Tooling and xMOLD

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Conference Abstract: This presentation discusses Freeform Injection Molding, a hybrid approach that combines freedom of design with the industrial strength of injection molding. This innovative approach unlocks tremendous potential for and has wide applicability across aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer products industries as well as contract manufacturers and regional molders looking to take full advantage of the design freedom of 3D printing while using 1000s of tried and true feedstocks including polymers, composites, silicone, and metals.

We'll discuss how to rapidly optimize design before high-volume production and leverage FIM for custom manufacturing without compromise and you’ll learn:

- Why we need to change the way products are developed
- How FIM works and the benefits of using FIM to develop molded parts in as little as one day
- Things to consider when implementing FIM in your design/production process
- A review of 5 case studies illustrating how to not only quickly iterate and develop designs but also test them with production-level performance

The goal of this presentation is to educate attendees and open up a path to rapid, high-performance tooling production so that they understand injection molding capabilities are within reach without major capital expense and that prototyping is now unbound by material limitations with a resource that enables them to iterate quickly without sacrificing compatibility with thousands of off-the-shelf injection molding materials, including reinforced high-performance feedstocks.

FIM represents a transformative opportunity to design, iterate, and validate using final grade production materials in hours versus weeks and months is invaluable in any product development process.
  • Carsten Jarfelt
    National Sales Manager - Freeform Injection Molding