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Unleashing Precision and Performance: AI Controlled Programmable Laser Provides Step Change in L-PBF Production

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Conference Abstract: The presentation will explore the intersection of latest laser technology and the power of artificial intelligence in additive manufacturing. We will unveil how a Programmable Laser, integrated with AI-based software control, is revolutionizing productivity, enhancing melt pool characteristics, and reducing the cost per part. Real examples form the tooling industry will be shared.

A Programmable Laser, coupled with AI-based software control, represents a synergy of precision and adaptability. This intelligent integration enables real-time or pre-populated adjustments of laser parameters based on continuous feedback from the manufacturing process, resulting in dynamic optimization of the build.

Productivity is greatly enhanced through AI's ability to autonomously fine-tune laser settings, adapting to part geometries and material properties. This adaptability minimizes downtime associated with parameter setup and optimizes energy delivery, translating into shorter lead times and improved throughput.

The effect on melt pool characteristics is equally impressive. AI-driven control ensures optimal energy distribution, minimizing defects, such as spattering and porosity. The result is exceptional part quality, a critical factor in tooling applications where precision is of paramount importance.

Moreover, the new machine concept maximizes cost-effectiveness by optimizing output on a single laser machine resulting in reduced cost per part of up to 3X cheaper compared to conventional machines.

Our presentation will feature real-world examples showcasing the synergy of AI and Ring mode Laser technology in tooling applications, illustrating how this dynamic duo is poised to reshape the future of additive manufacturing. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the convergence of laser innovation and artificial intelligence, forging a path toward unprecedented levels of productivity, precision, and cost efficiency.