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Wire Directed Energy Deposition of a Large-Scale Gas Turbine Component for Siemens Energy

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Conference Abstract: This presentation addresses the development of manufacturing a gas turbine component, the Resonator Ring, using a wire-directed energy deposition (DED) process named wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). WAAM, is essentially a welding process, where an electric arc is used as a heat source while metallic wire is used as a feedstock. The WAAM process stands out for its lower cost and higher efficiency than other metal additive manufacturing (AM) processes, making it highly suitable for large-scale industrial production. Therefore, it presents a promising alternative to conventional processes.

Siemens Energy, in collaboration with FasTech Engineering, applied the WAAM process to print a large-scale resonator ring component of about 800mm (32 inch) in diameter using a proprietary nickel-based alloy. Subsequently, it underwent finish machining. As a result, the total manufacturing time and manufacturing cost using this approach reduced by 66% and 25% respectively.
This presentation will showcase, among other things, WAAM hardware and software features, process parameters optimization, innovative toolpath strategies to mitigate residual stresses and distortion, heat treatment recipes to achieve desired mechanical properties, inspection methods for scanning and testing the printed component, and machining it to the final geometry.