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Brad Van Valkenburg

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Brad Van Valkenburg

Brad Van Valkenburg

Senior Sustainability Manager
Foresight Management
Brad Van Valkenburg is a Senior Sustainability Manager at Foresight Management focused on product chemistry, raw material analysis, Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and sustainability certifications. He is a practitioner of LCAs for Office Furniture, Metal Additives, Construction Products, and Chemicals industries, assisting manufacturing organizations in identifying the material flows from Raw Material Extraction to End-of-Life (Cradle-to-Grave) and quantifying the environmental impacts throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. He also collaborates with organizations' internal and external stakeholders to collect and assess product data, including recycled content and chemistry, throughout the supply chain. This information empowers companies to respond to customer requests, shift their design processes, and pursue sustainable certifications. Brad holds a Master of Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University, where he focused on Utilizing Computation Methods to Model Physical Systems. Brad's extensive modeling experience led him to publish: Life Cycle Assessments, 'Modelling Nutrient Uptake and Growth of Algae Farms Off the San Pedro Shelf,' and 'Modelling Heterogeneous Catalyst Reactions in Microreactors.'


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