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Dora Strelkova

Event Speakers
Dora Strelkova

Dora Strelkova

Graduate Student
University of Windsor
Dora Strelkova is an Electrical Engineering graduate and Software Developer at CAMufacturing Solutions Inc., a company that focuses on Additive Manufacturing (AM) toolpath programming for hybrid processes, particularly for Directed Energy Deposition (DED). Her current research explores the integration of compliant mechanisms and origami in the design of robot end effectors, using material extrusion AM techniques.With prior experience as an AM Lab Technician, Dora has acquired industry expertise in various AM processes such as DLP, FDM, and DMLM, gained through hands-on work with Stratasys and GE Concept Laser systems. Additionally, she holds the TBGA AM Certificate for Engineers and Managers from Purdue University and has developed proficiency with desktop additive machines through her personal projects in film props and fashion-related AM production.


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