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Dustin Kloempken

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Dustin Kloempken

Dustin Kloempken

Application Engineer
Dustin’s journey into additive began amidst the tumultuous aftermath of the 2008 great recession, a period that witnessed the closure of his boot-strapped startup. Unfazed by adversity, he embarked on a new chapter dedicated to the global advancement of additive manufacturing. Collaborating closely with some of the most forward-thinking enterprises driven by a shared vision of a better world, Dustin’s trajectory has been defined by innovation and progress. Over the recent years, his endeavours have included: • Pioneering investigations into the comparative efficacy of 3D-printed orthotic and prosthetic devices in contrast to traditional methodologies. • Unearthing the potential of designing and deploying expansive 3D-printed robotic grippers, unveiling a realm of possibilities previously unexplored. • Cultivating partnerships with esteemed research institutes to unearth novel application for additive manufacturing in the realm of lighting. Beyond innovation, he holds a quirky accolade: crafting the world’s largest 3D-printed moustache. As the horizon of additive manufacturing remains boundless, Dustin has a profound sense of excitement and anticipation for the future of innovation.


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