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Leon Hill

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Leon Hill

Leon Hill

Senior AM Engineer
GKN Aerospace
Leon has both an academic background with metallic additive manufacturing and professional work experience. Leon has been in the professional R&D aerospace work force for 7 years. Leon received his Masters of Science in Manufacturing Engineering in 2019 from Missouri University of Science and Technology. All academic work was DoD funded, as such, publications are severely limited. Leon's thesis is not publicly available. In the professional world, he has lead the industrialization of one of the world's largest laser wire directed energy deposition (DED) cells. The process maturation has been on the precipice of what's possible with laser wire DED. Under Leon's leadership the cell has matured from small research builds with frequent interruptions to not only a record setting 2.5m (8ft) primary structure demonstrator, but also working with a defense OEM on a qualification laser wire DED aerostructures.


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