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Martin Neff

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Martin Neff

Martin Neff

Director of Sales Additive Manufacturing
ARBURGadditive GmbH + CoKG
Martin Neff, Dip.-Ing. (FH) Director Global Sales ARBURGadditive Studied mechanical engineeing at University of Karlsruhe. After that he started in 1996 with at ARBURG as a Project Engineer. In July 2007 he joined ARBURG, Inc as Project and Engineering Manager responsible for the US engineerig department. In 2010 he moved to the ARBURG Midwest Tech Center in Elgin, IL which he headed as Sales and Engineering Manager. Since July 2013 he has moved back into the ARBURG headquarter in Germany as Team Manager Technology Consulting of ARBURGĀ“s new 3D printing group. Beginning 2017 he was appointed as the head of R&D for the plastic freeformer team. In 2022 ARBURG founded a sister company called ARBURGadditive. Under the ambrella of ARBURGadditive all additive activities and products are getting developed and distributed. Since, June 2023 Martin has taken the position as Global Sales Manager for ARBURGadditive


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