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Mike McNair

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Mike McNair

Mike McNair

Vice President - Aerospace
SAE Industry Technologies Consortia
Mike McNair is currently serving as the Vice-President for Aerospace with SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC). Through his career, McNair's focus has been a driver in the innovation of early-stage ideas and turning them into higher-maturity implementations. With a wide breadth of application, this has included a varied range of technology areas in commercial, academic, and defense programs. McNair has established himself as not only a technical expert in a number of technology areas but also as an executive level advisor and leader. Now at SAE ITC, the aerospace programs under McNair's responsibility include aviation standards, aerospace engine supply chain, and aerospace parts manufacturing,. He also leads the Additive Manufacturing Data Consortium that curates material property data for use in aerospace and other industries. SAE ITC Aerospace facilitates collaboration among organizations and to bringing existing and emerging technologies to the aerospace industry. The SAE ITC Aerospace portfolio has a proven history of enhancing and realizing practical and tangible benefit to our members and the industry at large.


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