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Olga "Dr.O" Ivanova, PhD

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Olga "Dr.O" Ivanova, PhD

Olga "Dr.O" Ivanova, PhD

Director of Applications & Technology
At Mechnano, Dr. O is pushing the boundaries of future formulations. She's like a wizard, always keeping her team one step ahead of the game to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers. In her previous gig at Open Additive, she worked her magic for big shots in the industry, governments, and brainy academics, all benefiting from the innovations of OA. With over a decade of experience in the AM world, Dr. O has been lucky enough to dip her toes in various global ventures, gaining wisdom from different countries and companies. Work, study, and travel have been the ultimate power trio, laying the foundation for her cross-cultural, interdisciplinary approach. But what sets her heart ablaze in the world of AM? It's her knack for turning innovative ideas into real-life marvels, whether it's crafting fancy fabrics for uniforms, making medical devices out of silicone, or even designing flashy decoy flares. Dr. O knows how to make the impossible possible, and she does it with style!


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